Friday: Steyr AUG A1 [set 2]

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (4)

With the new AUG A3 and A3 M1 models available in the United States the value of the A1 has dropped some.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (11)

The TPD and MSAR clones contributed.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (5)

Regardless, the A1 is still special in its own way, Cold War era collectors and small arms enthusiast still covet or purchase this firearm to complete any respectable European collection.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (9)

More in [set 1].



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Larue RAT stock in their proprietary UDE (Urban Dark Earth) color.


Roar of the Big Machine

A glimpse of Kelli at work – Caution on the audio, pure noise.

Czech Vzor 52 Pistol


FN Wallpaper

Among other wallpapers, from the website.
FNH USA wallpaper

GunDoll: FN PBR XP

Sighting in and setting up for a video shoot.

PK: Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

GunDoll: More SP10

GunDoll in a Garage, After Fire

GunDoll as Alice

GunDoll with HK MP7 prop-gun

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