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SIX12 Shotgun

​GunDoll with Bullpup Forum visiting the Crye Precision booth at SHOT Show 2014. This is their SIX12 rotary shotgun.

GunDoll: FN15 Rifle



Lil Red Danger @ SHOT 2014

We ran into Lil’ Red Danger on the walk back to our hotel; she is amazingly nice.
Check her out on Facebook and YouTube.
GunDoll & Lil' Red Danger

Charles St George

Charles St George & GunDoll at SHOT Show.
Charles St George

He’s designed some stuff: Leader Dynamics T2, AAA SAP, Bushmaster M17S, & Leader 50.

Bushmaster M17S
Leader 50

Bushmaster ACR DMR

GunDoll with a Bushmaster ACR DMR (Dedicated Marksman’s Rifle).

GunDoll with Bushmaster ACR DMR

GunDoll with Bushmaster ACR DMR

Lil’ Red Danger

Serbu employee Lil’ Red Danger with a Super Shorty Serbu shotgun.

Like her on Facebook, love her on YouTube.

Lil' Red Danger Lil' Red Danger

GunDoll: Miller MPAR

Miller Precision Arms MPAR. They also make a .300 WinMag AR.
GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller