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Jessie Duff Joins Team Taurus

Jessie Duff was a shooter for Team Glock but is now part of the Taurus lineup. Her fans were disappointed. Glock has a far better deservedly earned reputation than Taurus – for product anyhow. We don’t know why she switched but we are positive she is a far better marksman than we are. Good luck Jessie.

While the announcement isn’t recent, we found this video on ENDO. Mike’s site ENDO (Everyday No Days Off) is a great place for firearm related YouTube links.

Michelle Viscusi Joins Team Glock

In no way is it breaking news that former Top Shot competitor and Maxim magazine model Michelle Viscusi has joined Team Glock. We first heard it from her public Facebook page and many blogs have posted details, including Gear Scout, Soldier Systems, ENDO, and Women’s Outdoor News. There has also been an open letter from Gun Nuts Mediabasically asking her to not be awful. The forum comments range from the downright dirty, to the hopeful fans blowing her kisses, and back around the curve towards the schadenfreude loving critics. The included blogroll above gives reference to the latter two. The former requires only your imagination.

For us, we wish her luck, but admit we don’t pay attention to shooting teams. She has proven that she isn’t just a casual shooter; she can act under pressure. It is a smart move for Glock’s PR.

We will always remember her as the Red Star Arms Girl, promoting their improved AK triggers – usually in a bikini.

Red Star Arms Girl ©

Photo used with permission © Red Star Arms