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Friday: Steyr AUG A1 [set 2]

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (4)

With the new AUG A3 and A3 M1 models available in the United States the value of the A1 has dropped some.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (11)

The TPD and MSAR clones contributed.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (5)

Regardless, the A1 is still special in its own way, Cold War era collectors and small arms enthusiast still covet or purchase this firearm to complete any respectable European collection.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (9)

More in [set 1].

Friday: Steyr AUG A1 [set 1]

The count of imported semi-auto AUG A1’s is 6,500. Including the USR models and 9x19mm carbine imports, there was a total of 9,650. Some of these went to Canada and others went to LE only. The most common is the olive drab variant with the 20 inch barrel.

Marked “Steyr-Daimler-Puch”, Steyr was a part of Daimler until they decided to purchase Chrysler and started shedding entities. Below is one of these more common imports with the stated manufacture marking. The newer Steyr Arms (Steyr-Mannlicher in Austria) AUG A3 models are available to civilian shooters again.

Friday with Steyr-Daimler-Puch AUG A1 SA.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (3)

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (2)

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (1)

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (10)