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GunDoll @ SHOT 2015 Part.2

Here are a few more photos of GunDoll at SHOT Show 2015 worth sharing. View parts 1 & 3.

The B&T APC45 from Switzerland.

A 5.5 lb AR15 from Battle Arms Development.

Christensen Arms KeyMod handguards. Like us, Christensen is also based out of Utah.

CMMG‘s Mutant has made a lot of buzz, this is the 7.62x39mm Mk47.

Dead Air Armament was at Media Day at the Range with their Sandman series and .22LR Mask silencers.

Jessie James got into firearms a few years ago, here is a little over-done belt-fed pistol.

Kriss Vector Gen.II with AR type stock; hopefully the 9mm conversions aren’t too far away.

Here GunDoll is holding a short XCR with a new low profile gas system by Robinson Armament.

Serbu‘s SU-15 will be released soon, as a complete pistol, SBR, carbine, or AR15 conversion.

Spuhr handguards for the MP5, with an Aimpoint mount and an H&K rail in the white.

The guys that first brough KeyMod to market, VLTOR has their SCAR handguards available with KeyMod or picatinny.

GunDoll @ SHOT 2015 Part.1

Here are a few more photos of GunDoll at SHOT Show 2015 worth sharing. View parts 2 & 3.

Imported by Century Arms, this is the Turkish Canik TP9SA, which was a real surprise at the show. There was a bit of buzz about it and the trigger did not disappoint. Read more

At the Colt booth was a pistol display case showing some M1911’s and a new production .32Auto M1903.
I also noted someone threw away a S&W catalog at the Colt booth. Was this on purpose?

This is the CZ 805 BREN pistol, the MSRP is under $2,000 and the question everyone has is if we can get factory stocks if we SBR it. So far it sounds promising, but if sales are good, after market stuff will likely pick up anyhow.

From Germany, Korth was in Las Vegas with their new revolver and their take on the 1911 (shown).

MKE is returning to the market as imports by Zenith Arms. This appears to be good news for the Turkish licensed copies of the legacy H&K designs. Shown is an AR10 inspired firearm, not currently listed for import, the MPT-76. Read More

PTR Industries had their newly improved PTR32 Gen.2 on display, this 7.62x39mm weapon uses AK magazines in an H&K type roller-delayed rifle. Read more

Seekins rocking some KeyMod.

SigSauer Inc introduced the MCX this show. Starting with An AR15 type design, nothing was untouched, for good or bad. I look forard to seeing this on the market. Read more

SilencerCo‘s Willie.

Tactical Walls had a display, showing one of their hidden gun storage shelves behind a mirror, at Media Day at the Range.
Tactical Walls

Walther‘s new licensed H&K G36 in .22LR at Media Day at the Range. Read More
GunDoll with Walther/H&K G36 .22LR


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Larue RAT stock in their proprietary UDE (Urban Dark Earth) color.


GunDoll: Custom AR15 Build

…GunDoll shortly after finishing her personal AR15 build. At quick glance – Seekins lower, VLTOR upper, Midwest Industries handguard, & Magpul furniture.

GunDoll: Miller MPAR

Miller Precision Arms MPAR. They also make a .300 WinMag AR.
GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll: PWS Mk1

GunDoll with a Primary Weapons Systems MK1 Mod.1 Rifle, 16.1″ Barrel, 12″ KeyMod Rail, .223 Wylde chamber

Firearm Demo on Fox News by Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff was on Hannity in January. Found on Heels and Handguns.

In this video on the Fox News show, Hannity. She really demonstrates the difference in various guns, and why banning an AR-15 will not do anything.

MissBattleBorn: AR15 Free Float Tube Installation

“In this video, I detail the installation of a Samson Evolution free float hand guard on an AR-15. I also remove the front sight gas block and replace it with a low profile gas block, install a new gas tube, and cut off the delta ring assembly using a dremel.”

It looks to us like the clamps around the barrel nut, at twelve minutes in, are backwards. Nice to see someone showing a film doing something for their first time.

Kelli: AR15 Custom Build

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (6)
Kelli with custom AR15 build.
POF, Magpul Vltor, TangoDown, Precision Aero, Midwest Industries, Daniel Defense, AAC, and Precision Aero parts.

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (1)

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (3)

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (4)

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (5)

AR15 Custom - Kelli 20111229 (2)