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First Women-Only Rimfire Challenge Event to Debut in Maryland

Kim Rhode Selected As Team USA Flag Bearer For Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League Announces Results of Second Quarter Match

5.11 Tactical’s ‘Passion Forward’ campaign by women, for women

Blast From The Past: Miss America Shooting A Cutting-Edge Rifle

Friday in AGC Tanker

Hornady Donates To Breast Cancer Research

A portion of Hornady’s Critical Defense® Lite ammunition sales will go to help fund breast cancer research.

Originally posted 2013-01-12

Ashlin Evelyn Cosplay

For the Screwed booth, model Ashlin Evelyn (Facebook) portraying agent Erin Scott.

Screwed is a modern twist on the Frankenstein tale. Screwed features the art of David Miller and a story by Tyler Kirham and Keith Thomas. Screwed is available online from Zenescope. Check out updates and more photos of the booth girls at Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed Facebook page.


Natalie Foster for NRA News

I actually haven’t witnessed this bias myself, but I’m in an environment that encourages owning guns for any and all legal uses.

Girls & Guns, A Publication for Women

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I was just sifting through news on the Second Amendment Foundation website and noticed they sponsor a publication just for women shooters.

Originally posted 2013-06-12

Fate of Destinee with MAC on the Tavor

Destinee asking questions about the Tavor with Military Arms Channel.

Falia on the Jack Carbine

Falia’s reviews are quite decent, to the point, and not long-winded. Her web site isn’t kept up to date but you can find her on Facebook as Falia Leigh.

Falia Reviews (Falia Photography) on the Jack Carbine from Haley Strategic Partners & Bravo Company Manufacturing.

Ohio Gun Club For Women Only

American Women Buying More Guns

Firearm sales to women are on the rise in Delaware, reports WBOC16.While this isn’t a scientific study or based on statistics, we’ve witnessed the same in Utah.

“It’s kind of like a girl’s night out thing, but with guns,” says owner Beth Parsons. “A lot of them have not shot before, but they have friends that do, so they all come together and they learn.”

A quick search found more articles on the same topic: Oregon, NBC, FBI (via Blaze)