GunDoll Field Strips an AL.GI.MEC AGM-1

Robinson XCR-M Field Strip With GunDoll

In this video GunDoll removes the bolt carrier group from the Robinson XCR.

This is a basic field strip. A detailed strip would include removing the piston and disassembling the rifle magazine for cleaning and inspection.

This is a quick range clip of her firing the Utah designed and manufactured .308 semi-auto rifle.

MissBattleBorn: AR15 Free Float Tube Installation

“In this video, I detail the installation of a Samson Evolution free float hand guard on an AR-15. I also remove the front sight gas block and replace it with a low profile gas block, install a new gas tube, and cut off the delta ring assembly using a dremel.”

It looks to us like the clamps around the barrel nut, at twelve minutes in, are backwards. Nice to see someone showing a film doing something for their first time.

Remove Gun Rust With Onions

A contributor on eHow, Rachel Yatuzis of (now defunct), shows how to clean a diverse collection of items around the house. This is a simple and efficient remedy for removing small rust spots on firearm metals.