GunDoll Field Strips an AL.GI.MEC AGM-1

Women Complete Week One of Ranger School

“Eight out of 16 female soldiers completed the Ranger Assessment Phase, or RAP week. On the male side, 184 males out of 380 finished RAP.”

More information:
Kit Up! Video: Women Complete Week 1 of Ranger School 2015-04-23 Eight Women Complete Week One of Army Ranger School 2015-04-23

Tatiana Whitlock Trailer for Practical Concealed Carry for Women

Armscor’s Athena Lee on Lifetime

Athena Lee will be on The Balancing Act discussing firearms on Arpil 24th (originally aired April 17th).

“The segment focuses on reinforcing the importance of firearms education, training and safety along with a public debut of the Rock Island Armory “Baby Rock”, a pistol designed for female concealed carry.”

View the preview:

More information:
The Shooting Wire Athena Lee Discusses Female Firearm Ownership on “The Balancing Act” 2015-04-17

Robinson XCR-M Field Strip With GunDoll

In this video GunDoll removes the bolt carrier group from the Robinson XCR.

This is a basic field strip. A detailed strip would include removing the piston and disassembling the rifle magazine for cleaning and inspection.

This is a quick range clip of her firing the Utah designed and manufactured .308 semi-auto rifle.

Lets Keep Practicing

Lets make it loud this year. I hope to spend more time this year pulling the trigger on the range rather than wearing the RSO hat or the more likely habit of sitting at the computer.

Bethlgeuse on the range with a Glock G19.

Roar of the Big Machine

A glimpse of Kelli at work – Caution on the audio, pure noise.

Team Glock on Safety

GunDoll with Lusa on the Range

Holloway HAC7 Field Strip

GunDoll fieldstripping a HAC7 rifle.

Recorded November 2012 and then accidently and promtply hidden on an external drive.