Aftermath Girls

Michelle Viscusi @ SHOT 2015

Michelle Viscusi was at SHOT for Team Glock, signing autographs and being her generally friendly self.


GunDoll and Anette Watcher (30CalGal) at SHOT Show 2015. Anette is a competition shooter on the US National Rifle Team with a very respectable record.



Doug Marcaida


GunDoll with Doug

Doug Marcaida was at SHOT Show 2015 with Fox Knives showing his DART knife. We looked at it at the 2014 SHOW Show but the knife has had some delays getting released but it is worth the wait.
The wave feature on the back edge catches on the pocket and opens the knife on draw. With the DART you make an OK sign with your hand after getting your first finger into the hole and draw. This keeps the fingers clear to allow the blade to open. Once out, the fist now has a very competent fighting knife at the ready.
Doug Marcaida Facebook

GunDoll with LWRC SMG

The new prototype LWRC 45 SMG (more info).GunDoll-with-LWRC-SMG


SIX12 Shotgun

​GunDoll with Bullpup Forum visiting the Crye Precision booth at SHOT Show 2014. This is their SIX12 rotary shotgun.

First Time AK

The Arsenal SLR107CR; a civilian semi-auto legal Bulgarian version of the Russian AK-104.oneamyseven with Arsenal SLR107CR

Lets Keep Practicing

Lets make it loud this year. I hope to spend more time this year pulling the trigger on the range rather than wearing the RSO hat or the more likely habit of sitting at the computer.

Bethlgeuse on the range with a Glock G19.

PK: Mosquito

PK with .22LR SigSauer Mosquito during a break in a cold and windy rain storm.
PK with Mosquito
I had a lot of issues with this little pistol. It was purchased in early 2007 and went back to SigSauer more than once. Eventually I was able to swap it for what I am told is a Gen.3 vs the Gen.1 I had issues with. While all the Mosquito’s are recommended to be used with CCI Mini-Mag ammunition, I also found Federal Auto Match works favorably. These days I don’t run the gun without a SilencerCo Sparrow on it.

Beth @ The Range

Glock G19 Gen.4 fancy sparky photo.
Big Guns Beth Glock G19 Get Some

Train Car Near the Fork

GunDoll & Train