Semi-Auto Rifles

GunDoll: Custom AR15 Build

…GunDoll shortly after finishing her personal AR15 build. At quick glance – Seekins lower, VLTOR upper, Midwest Industries handguard, & Magpul furniture.

GunDoll: KelTec RFB

GunDoll with a KelTec RFB .308 Bullpup.

GunDoll: FN15 Rifle



oneamyseven: H&K HK91

oneamyseven south-east of Dugway firing the H&K HK91 at the start of winter.

oneamyseven with HK91oneamyseven with HK91


Our friend oneamyseven’s first time shooting (from a few years ago).

oneamyseven: FN SCAR 16S

oneamyseven with SCAR

Bushmaster ACR DMR

GunDoll with a Bushmaster ACR DMR (Dedicated Marksman’s Rifle).

GunDoll with Bushmaster ACR DMR

GunDoll with Bushmaster ACR DMR

GunDoll: Miller MPAR

Miller Precision Arms MPAR. They also make a .300 WinMag AR.
GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll - Miller

GunDoll: Tavor

Getting ready.
GunDoll with Tavor

GunDoll with IWI Tavor

GunDoll with IWI Tavor SAR bullpup & AAC suppressor.
GunDoll with Tavor

GunDoll with Tavor

Posed to get the sky in the shot.
GunDoll with Tavor

GunDoll: 2014 X-Mas III

Get your holiday on, everyone.

GunDoll’s final 2014 obligatory holiday photos. Merry whatever you do with yourself this time of year.

GunDoll GunDoll
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