Semi-Auto Rifles

GunDoll Field Strips an AL.GI.MEC AGM-1

Kelli Outdoors

Kelli (1)

Shooting with a semi-auto Uzi and an AR-15.

Kelli (2)

PK: Vector Arms AK

On a cold and rainy day, PK takes aim with a Romanian AKM built by Vector Arms on a Romy “G” parts kit.

Robinson XCR-M Field Strip With GunDoll

In this video GunDoll removes the bolt carrier group from the Robinson XCR.

This is a basic field strip. A detailed strip would include removing the piston and disassembling the rifle magazine for cleaning and inspection.

This is a quick range clip of her firing the Utah designed and manufactured .308 semi-auto rifle.

GunDoll @ SHOT 2015 Part.2

Here are a few more photos of GunDoll at SHOT Show 2015 worth sharing. View parts 1 & 3.

The B&T APC45 from Switzerland.

A 5.5 lb AR15 from Battle Arms Development.

Christensen Arms KeyMod handguards. Like us, Christensen is also based out of Utah.

CMMG‘s Mutant has made a lot of buzz, this is the 7.62x39mm Mk47.

Dead Air Armament was at Media Day at the Range with their Sandman series and .22LR Mask silencers.

Jessie James got into firearms a few years ago, here is a little over-done belt-fed pistol.

Kriss Vector Gen.II with AR type stock; hopefully the 9mm conversions aren’t too far away.

Here GunDoll is holding a short XCR with a new low profile gas system by Robinson Armament.

Serbu‘s SU-15 will be released soon, as a complete pistol, SBR, carbine, or AR15 conversion.

Spuhr handguards for the MP5, with an Aimpoint mount and an H&K rail in the white.

The guys that first brough KeyMod to market, VLTOR has their SCAR handguards available with KeyMod or picatinny.

First Time AK

The Arsenal SLR107CR; a civilian semi-auto legal Bulgarian version of the Russian AK-104.oneamyseven with Arsenal SLR107CR

Friday: Steyr AUG A1 [set 2]

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (4)

With the new AUG A3 and A3 M1 models available in the United States the value of the A1 has dropped some.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (11)

The TPD and MSAR clones contributed.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (5)

Regardless, the A1 is still special in its own way, Cold War era collectors and small arms enthusiast still covet or purchase this firearm to complete any respectable European collection.

AUG A1 - Friday 20120531 (9)

More in [set 1].

PK: Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK with Springfield M1A

PK: H&K HK91

PK with HK91 PK with HK91

Holloway HAC7 Field Strip

GunDoll fieldstripping a HAC7 rifle.

Recorded November 2012 and then accidently and promtply hidden on an external drive.