GunDoll: Caracal F

A short hike in the local mountains revealed a rogue airsoft & paintball battlefield. We took a few photos there before moving on.

DSCN5474 DSCN5481

PK: Cooking With Steyr

PK doing some prep work with her Steyr M9-A1 keeping audience.


Our friend oneamyseven’s first time shooting (from a few years ago).

More on the FlashBang Holster

PK: SIG Mosquito

PK with first generation SIG-Sauer .22LR Mosquito S.
SIG-MOSQUITO - PK 20070722 (1)

The truck is a US Army M35.
SIG-MOSQUITO - PK 20070722 (2)

MK: FN Hi-Power

MK firing the FN HP35 (Browning Hi-Power).


GunDoll At The Browning Museum

DSCN5606crop GunDoll at Browning DSCN5633-crop

MissBattleBorn on Self Healing Targets

Miss Battle Born is disappointed with the self healing target she purchased. We like them – they aren’t fantastic, but we don’t use them with pistol calibers nor at such close range. These targets are convenient when you don’t want to potentially litter and when you have an impromptu range day with just what we happen to have in the vehicle.

Caracal Booth

The women working at the Caracal booth were kind enough to pose with firearms for us.

GunDoll: SIG Sauer P220

Gundoll with a SIG Sauer P220 Equinox.