GunDoll Colt M1911 Range Sunday


Suppressed FN Five-seveN

GunDoll shooting caltrops targets in the Utah desert with a Belgian FN Five-seveN IOM pistol with extended 30 round magazine. The suppressor is a SilencerCo Sparrow SS.





Lets Keep Practicing

Lets make it loud this year. I hope to spend more time this year pulling the trigger on the range rather than wearing the RSO hat or the more likely habit of sitting at the computer.

Bethlgeuse on the range with a Glock G19.

PK: Mosquito

PK with .22LR SigSauer Mosquito during a break in a cold and windy rain storm.
PK with Mosquito
I had a lot of issues with this little pistol. It was purchased in early 2007 and went back to SigSauer more than once. Eventually I was able to swap it for what I am told is a Gen.3 vs the Gen.1 I had issues with. While all the Mosquito’s are recommended to be used with CCI Mini-Mag ammunition, I also found Federal Auto Match works favorably. These days I don’t run the gun without a SilencerCo Sparrow on it.

Beth @ The Range

Glock G19 Gen.4 fancy sparky photo.
Big Guns Beth Glock G19 Get Some


PK: Czech Vzor 52 Pistol


FN Wallpaper

Among other wallpapers, from the FNHUSA.com website.
FNH USA wallpaper

GunDoll: CZ P-09

The 19+1 capacity 9x19mm CZ P-09 pistol looks large in her small hands. The P-09 is one of the new offerings from CZ-USA.



GunDoll Vz.52 Bloopers

Over on Aftermath Gun Club we showed a disassembly of the Czechoslovakian Vz.52 pistol. Things aren’t always perfect, even if you’ve done something repeatedly, adding a camera and a witness often changes your own method and orientation.