GunDoll Testing the New RZE UniMag

GunDoll with Robinson Armament XCR-L in 7.62x39mm magdump of 25 rounds (TulAmmo) in the RZE Uni-Mag, a multi-caliber magazine.

Train Car Near the Fork

GunDoll & Train



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Larue RAT stock in their proprietary UDE (Urban Dark Earth) color.


GunDoll in a Garage, After Fire

GunDoll as Alice

GunDoll with HK MP7 prop-gun

Train Heist

GunDoll with B&T TP9 (prop-gun)
GunDoll with B&T TP9 prop-gun (running around the industrial side of the city taking photos with a real sub machine gun seemed inadvisable).
GunDoll B&T TP9

Ashlin Evelyn Cosplay

For the Screwed booth, model Ashlin Evelyn (Facebook) portraying agent Erin Scott.

Screwed is a modern twist on the Frankenstein tale. Screwed features the art of David Miller and a story by Tyler Kirham and Keith Thomas. Screwed is available online from Zenescope. Check out updates and more photos of the booth girls at Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed Facebook page.