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Armscor’s Athena Lee on Lifetime

Athena Lee will be on The Balancing Act discussing firearms on Arpil 24th (originally aired April 17th).

“The segment focuses on reinforcing the importance of firearms education, training and safety along with a public debut of the Rock Island Armory “Baby Rock”, a pistol designed for female concealed carry.”

View the preview:

More information:
The Shooting Wire Athena Lee Discusses Female Firearm Ownership on “The Balancing Act” 2015-04-17

New Video from Tatiana Whitlock

Panteao has released Tatiana Whitlock’s second video, Practical Concealed Carry for Women. Tatiana is the owner of ID Target Systems.
Panteao Tatiana
AmmoLand New Tatiana Whitlock Instructional Video from Panteao Productions 2015-04-16

PK: Vector Arms AK

On a cold and rainy day, PK takes aim with a Romanian AKM built by Vector Arms on a Romy “G” parts kit.

GunDoll Testing the New RZE UniMag

GunDoll with Robinson Armament XCR-L in 7.62x39mm magdump of 25 rounds (TulAmmo) in the RZE Uni-Mag, a multi-caliber magazine.

Female SWAT in Utah

Provo, Utah has its first female SWAT team member.


Robinson XCR-M Field Strip With GunDoll

In this video GunDoll removes the bolt carrier group from the Robinson XCR.

This is a basic field strip. A detailed strip would include removing the piston and disassembling the rifle magazine for cleaning and inspection.

This is a quick range clip of her firing the Utah designed and manufactured .308 semi-auto rifle.

Kirsten Joy Weiss on Dry Fire Training

“How To Shoot A Gun Awesomely – Dry Fire Training Technique”

First seen on ENDO.

Ladies Choice Awards 2015

Guns and Gear for Women posted the 2015 Ladies Choice Awards. 15 awesome industry leaders accepted 2015 LADIES CHOICE AWARDS for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman in Las Vegas.
Press Conference_Coni and Jessica 2

NSSF Infographic on “Girl Power”

Tacky titles aside, the Girl Power infographic shows how popular shooting has become with women. This graphic was released along with another blog post with more information.
Girl Power was made available by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the same organization that holds SHOT Show yearly.